May 15, 2021

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Top skills to learn on 2020

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Every era has its own needs and requirements because with the passage of time, our environment changes which alters everything. But what is this change about?

Simple, it is all about communication. With the passage of time, our ways if communication changes. Instead of roaring aloud to give announcement, papers were used in 1700, then radio and then television. Now, we have social media and internet too beside them.

The change of mode of communication changes everything. Today, unlike the need of labour work, we need people who could control robots that are supposed to do the labour work.

There are further changes in the need of different skills to learn to be able to support ourselves.

Some of them are:

  • Digital marketing: Digital marketing the growing field. It is all about marketing or telling people about the product you are selling with the help of search and social media. For this, you need to writing skills to write catchy content to attract viewers who will be forced by pictures and content to like the page and follow it regularly. For pictures, you will be required to have skills of photography and decent graphic designing. There are many websites and companies who are providing training on it for cheap. They teach smart techniques and ways to get buyers and consumers.
  • Content writing: The world is becoming a hub of advertisements. And for advertisement, there is need of slogans and catchy words that can engage viewers and readers. However, you don’t need to have exceptional English. You can be a content writer if you decent ability to write English. All you need is to be creative. If you are creative, then you can write eye-gluing blogs, articles and scripts as well. You can be hired as content generator and proof reader if you will have experience.
  • Coding: Computer is everywhere. Technology has become the need if our lives. And all of this is based on coding and programming. That’s the reason why programmers are everywhere. Although, it is tough, some of the languages are easier like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are many sites that these languages creatively that can bond your interest in it. If you found your interest in it, then learn C++ and Python as well but if you are unhappy, then the first three are enough.

So, these are few skills that can benefit you a lot whether you have planned llc company formation in Dubai or company setup abu Dhabi. These skills will help you in every way.

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