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A look inside the world of fall protection systems

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When it comes to construction workers, falling off of structures is the third leading cause of death among them. With the passage of time, it has become necessary for all the employees working off the ground to acquire extensive training pertaining to this type of work. Considering the many different hazards that are present when a person works on heights, it is best for such employees to wear personal fall protection systems as it is amongst the most important pieces of safety equipment available these days.


For those who don’t know, personal fall arrest systems are basically full body harnesses that are to be worn by a worker when they are employed to work in certain areas. These are basically areas in which the person has to work off of the ground. A few of the jobs in which it is necessary for workers to put on fall arrest systems are inclusive of bridge construction, roofing, painting, carpentry, window washing and having to work on tall buildings and sky scrapers. If they do not put on their personal fall arrest systems, there is a great risk of them falling off and getting seriously injured. What’s worse is that there is a risk of death involved as well.


Considering that it is important for construction workers to put on safety harnesses and other bits of safety equipment, it is necessary for you to know how these work. The full body harness is basically used as a means of offering support to the weight in an even manner so that it is equally distributed on the buttocks, shoulders and thighs. It is necessary for you to try this first so that you are sure that your personal fall arrest system is the right size and fits your body properly. Once you are sure that the size is correct for you, it is vital for you to buckle the waist strap and ensure that it fits properly around your waist. Next, you should move on connecting the leg straps between both the legs. Last but not the least, all the straps and buckles on your system should be checked for being tightened adequately. Although it should be tight, you should make sure that it allows proper movement of your body. Now that everything is in its place, it is best for you to conduct what is known as the buddy test or buddy system. In this, you can get your manager or a co-worker to check the fall arrest system out with you to ensure that it has been put on properly and is functional.

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