January 31, 2023

Different types of Indian dresses

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Indian dresses are one of the most adorned ones out there which are loved and enjoyed by almost everyone. These garments are lush and beautiful in their own designs and the variety in styles just makes it more accessible for everyone to wear. If you can’t figure out what should be your style or how many are available then we would highly recommend you to check out this list of all the different types of Indian attires:

  1. One piece Indian dress is the one which is highly preferred for evening gowns. It is a long satin gown made with delicate embroidery and beading that hugs the curves of the body and opens down in flare from the waist down. The highlight of the dress is the bottom.
  2. Anarkali suit is another flared kameez style dress. Party wear Anarkali online is made out of rich silk material and mostly paired with dupatta and tights. The dupatta is the highlight of this whole dress.
  3. Woven net kurta is a very pretty lace kurta which has cut outs in it. The kurta is usually long and in dark colored clothes which makes it a conversation starter as the neck region peaks the flesh while the bottom is covered with the same colored inner.
  4. Pant style salwar kameez is the western twist to the usual salwar kameez. The basic salwar is replaced by the pant to give it a modern and sleek fitted look below the kurta. This gives a very pretty look especially for the youth.
  5. Patiala salwar kameez is the complete opposite of pant style salwar kameez. The salwar is in the blow out look and comes from the famous city Patiala itself. The colors are quite funky and attractive with salwar and dupatta coordinating while the shirt tends to be plainer.
  6. Front open kurta is another kind of shirt where the frock is fitted from the waist and wide loose from bottom down but a slit can be seen. The slit gives it a different kind of pretty stitch look.
  7. Tail style Anarkali is also a very pretty look to try and adapt in your daily fashion style. It’s an Anarkali with a short front and longer back to give it a tail kind of style.

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