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How to hire a good underground cable engineer

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There are different kinds of engineering in the world and for this different kinds of engineers are there to provide you best services with their knowledge. If you are associated with the electricity supply company then you need to get in contact with different kinds of engineers and of them is the underground cable and pipe locator who has knowledge to use certain equipment and provide you best results. If you are going to hire such engineer then you need to see the following characteristics in him:

You need to see his knowledge about work. Whether he knows about the resistance values for which he is going to need digging or not, whether he knows about different equipment that are necessary for this job, whether he has the knowledge about detecting the fault etc.

You also need to check his knowledge about operating the equipment which he claims to know about and for this purpose you need to conduct a practical survey and check his ability to use and detect the fault.

You need to know about power of decision making during cable fault location work in him as how quickly, accurately and confidently he decides to dig at specific place. You need to check his strength of being able to touch the cable pipe from the broken place and whether he knows how to isolate the power cable before going near to it. 

You need to check his experience in this field because more experience means he is working for quite some time and knows about all the cable routes or atleast knows about the way to detect the routes before start digging. This experience will come after years of working with a good employer so you may also know about his employer in order to get idea about his experience level.

You have to reply on him for your work whenever there is a complaint about power interruption so you need to hire someone who is reliable and to whom you can trust in this matter. There are some people who do not work the right way and report you that everything is fine without investigating about it and it may ruin your reputation and you customers may switch the service so you need to be very careful in hiring a good and reliable person who has more experience in this field. 

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