July 7, 2022

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Lower your car rental costs with these tips

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If you are hesitant to rent a car just because of high cost of car rental, then you should understand the fact that you can easily lower your car rental costs by paying due attention to the hidden fees that car rental companies charge their clients. If you don’t know already, a major portion of rental bills consists upon hidden charges that people agree on when signing rental agreement without reading it carefully.

The interesting thing about such hidden charges is that a number of such hidden charges are optional. But many car rental companies do not tell you about it to get maximum money out of your pocket. What this means is that you can easily save a good amount of money by not opting for optional facilities that are offered to you just to increase the car rental amount. Any good rent a car in Al Barsha will tell you about these optional services that you can remove from your agreement if you are looking for affordable car rental packages.

1- Avoid booking a car from the airport

If you don’t know already, airport car rentals are always much expensive than what you find from the local market or online. The simple reason for this is that car rental companies that operate from the airport need to pay extra taxes and surcharges than what rent a car companies need to pay that operate in the local market. This is why you will find airport car rentals costly than others. So, if you have not booked a car in advance before landing at your destination city, still you should avoid booking car from the airport to save a good amount of money on your car rental.

2- Do not opt for collision damage clause in rental agreement

The fact of the matter is that by opting for collision damage cover when renting a car, you will have to pay 20-30 dollars extra on daily basis as long as the car will stay under your possession. Yes, you will have to be extremely careful when driving a rented car without opting for collision damage waiver.

3- Renting a car for longer period will reduce rental charges significantly

Last but not the least, car rental companies offer different rate to those who rent cars for a longer period. By booking a car for your entire duration of your stay in your destination city will help you save hundreds of dollars on your Picanto car rental.

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