Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

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Thinking about Indian movies? A great weekend idea

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Your daily schedule is getting over your head and why not, most employees in this part of the world get little time if any for fun and entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, not a lot of things come close to movies. It all comes down to the type of movies you want to watch. Even then you might wonder if watching movies is a great way to spend quality time or not, wonder no more. According to a movie expert, or critic one if you like – Hindi movies are more of contemporary folklores that happen to appear on the big screen have the ability to leave millions across the planet stunned. Not only that, some classic Hindi and South Indian movies have left their marks on the viewers in UAE. We have seen that happening over and over again where New South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi did wonder business and mesmerize the audience.

Great fun

Watching Hindi as well as South Indian movies in cinemas at the weekend can be quite fun. If you haven’t watched one lately, it is time to do it as soon as you find time. Well, weekends in Dubai are free for most employees anyway so why not spend this weekend watching the Indian movie magic? Truth to be told, there still exists a world of difference between Hollywood movies and their Bollywood counterparts. However, despite that difference, which counts a lot by the way, the quality of Indian movies overall is indeed improving. It seems that their movie makers and script writers are finally coming to terms with what the entertainment industry is all about.


Hindi cinema has been around for over a century. It is almost as old, if not older, as the Hollywood. The quality of movies produced compared to the budget spend is truly amazing. You will note several interesting aspects in each movie and may well become a fan. Even more important is the fact that Indian movies, be it Hindi or South Indian, still manage to get a firm grip on the audience. That means that their movie makers have more than just a passing acquaintance with the art of movie making. Due to their immense popularity in the region, you will continue to find Bollywood stars in Dubai more often than not. It is possible that being a fan of Indian movies will help you recognize these stars upon finding them in Dubai.

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