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What are Post Tension Tendons?

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The United Arab Emirates has been at the forefront of massive infrastructural development in the last few years or so. The local rulers, with an eye on the World Expo 2020, are carrying out massive development to make Dubai the perfect place as the host to the mega event. The rapid rise in the construction activities has witnessed an immense use of concrete to build strong and lasting structures, so as to cater to the rising housing needs as more and more people are flocking towards the UAE to either further their professional career or promoting their businesses at the international level. The increased construction activities have also given rise to the associated industries and services like the post tension cable locators, which are in high demand in Dubai and the surrounding areas.

The post tensioning is a way of reinforcing the concrete. The highly-trained technicians install the post-tensioning cables or tendons, which are pre-stressed steel cables inside the plastic covering, in the forms before the placement of concrete in a structure. It allows the construction companies to safely build larger concrete structures, which are meant to stay strong for ages. What these post tensioning tendons do is that they allow the construction companies to build the kind of structures which are not possible otherwise. The post tension cables or tendons are mostly used in the bridges and box girder structures across the globe. As we all know concrete is not flexible by any means of the word and cracks may appear in it if a certain amount of pressure is loaded on to it. The companies use rebar to save the concrete against the risks of cracks but the structure still has the tendency to sag under immense pressure and loads. This is where post tension cables or tendons come into play as they are designed to perfectly bear load and stand the huge pressures of loads.

Some of the most amazing benefits of using the post tension tendons include the provision of flexibility to the design of a building structure, fasted construction process, and lower cost of materials. When you look at its long-term benefits, the post tension wires or cables significantly reduce the maintenance costs of the structures and of course there is no compromise on its ability to cater to humungous loads over the period of time. You may also find the best concrete cutting services on the attached link.

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